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Internationally Acclaimed Artist Stephen Koury Makes a Splash at Lakeland Art Gallery

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As the guests stepped into the gallery, they left behind the world of the everyday and were engulfed by glorious images of animals, plants and stunning landscapes, with vivid colors and fabulous textures depicting a wondrous world of natural beauty. Their escape into this magnificent world was thanks to the gorgeous handiwork of Stephen Koury, internationally acclaimed artist, which was displayed on the Polk State College Lakeland Campus during the month of March. During his Artist’s Reception on March 9, 2012, over fifty guests enjoyed Koury’s work and meeting the man responsible for it. Hundreds more visitors drank in the beauty of Koury’s art throughout the month.  The artist himself could not have been happier with the way it unfolded.

“I was super pleased – everything went phenomenally well. Everyone involved did an absolutely dynamite job,” he enthused, giving special praise to event coordinators Kristina Jesse and Ileana Kniss, plus Erin Martin, a Florida Southern student who works in the gallery.

“The attendance was great, and everyone showed great enthusiasm – they loved it,” he said. “We sold $6,200 worth of artwork. I had a great time, it was wonderful. The venue, the lighting, everything was perfect. I’d be happy to do it again!”

Known as one of the “world’s finest contemporary wildlife artists”! (Portfolio Press, Books for Collectors, New York, NY)  Stephen has been called one of the great naturalists of our time, as well as being a highly respected practitioner of his art. His works are sought after by museums, galleries, and collectors across North America and around the world, and he has earned many prestigious awards. A three-time Florida Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, he has also been named a Portfolio Press Contemporary Master; National Quail Unlimited Artist; National Forestry Service Artist; Florida Turkey Stamp Winner; National Featured Artist in the Plantation Wildlife Art Festival; and National Featured Artist in the Florida Wildlife Art Exposition.

Koury is also the author of “Painting Nature’s Little Creatures,” and his works are included in “Wildlife Art: 60 Contemporary Masters and Their Work.”  The many enthusiastic collectors of his artwork include actor-director Clint Eastwood, Retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, and pro golfer Andy Bean.

Stephen has also sold his works to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and he infuses his passion for respecting and giving back to nature into all his art, knowing that these are key to keeping the little bit of true wild we have left, in the hope that it will grow strong and healthy as it once was. He knows that it is up to each of us to do our share and preserve the precious natural world for our future generations.