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Please check this webpage throughout the year for additional scholarship opportunities!

Pursuant to Florida State Statute 1011.85, Subsection 12, the Polk State College Foundation is required to notify donors that there may be a substantial delay in funding the Dr. Philip Benjamin matching program. For more information, please call Cindy Baker, Chief Financial Officer for the Polk State College Foundation, at 863-292-3749.

Many scholarship opportunities are available for students through the Polk State College Foundation, Inc. The Polk State College Foundation actively seeks private funding for endowed scholarships. These endowed scholarships often include special criteria established by the donor. The Polk State College Foundation Scholarship Committee selects applicants based on this stated criteria.


Scholarship Information Page

Foundation Scholarships

The Polk State College Foundation will be accepting applications for Foundation scholarships beginning February 1 – February 28 and then again from June 20 – July 10. Applications are submitted online. Students interested in applying for an endowed scholarship may do so via the link below.

Click Here To Apply For Foundation Scholarships

Applications will be reviewed and rated by an independent committee, and award information will be made available June 1 of the current year. To check your award status, log into the scholarship application page starting on June 1, but no later than June 30, using your password and username to confirm whether or not a scholarship has been awarded to you. You must complete the acceptance and thank you letter on or before June 30 of the current year; otherwise, the scholarship will be forfeited. Award certificates will be available for high school award ceremonies in May of the current year.

Polk State College Foundation scholarships will be available for use beginning in the Fall term of the current year, and subsequent terms until the scholarship is fully expended, expires or terminates pursuant to donor requirements.


Third Party Scholarship Opportunities

Throughout the academic year, the Foundation is made aware of other scholarship opportunities for our students. As those opportunities become available, we will post them on the Third Party Scholarships webpage. These scholarships are awarded by entities not directly affiliated with the Polk State College Foundation and questions should be directed to the sponsoring organization.


Walter Dent and Alice Lorraine Brown Loans

The Polk State College Foundation also offers loans to qualified students through the Walter Dent and Alice Lorraine Brown Memorial Loan Fund. The qualifying criteria for this loan program is established by the donor and includes a required cumulative GPA of 3.5. For questions related to the Walter Dent and Alice Lorraine Brown loan program, please contact the Polk State College Foundation office at 863-297-1051.


The Relgalf Charitable Foundation Scholarship

The Relgalf Charitable Foundation Scholarship pays for four years of undergraduate matriculation at Polk State College towards a degree in the field of law enforcement. In addition, the Relgalf Scholarship pays for completion of the Kenneth C. Thompson Institute for Public Safety. Recipients must secure employment with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) immediately upon graduation or with another law enforcement office/department within the State of Florida (with a total force of 20 members or less). Recipients must maintain employment with the PCSO or another law enforcement office/department (as indicated above) for a minimum of three years. Recipients that fail to fulfill the employment requirements of this scholarship will be required to re-pay all scholarship funds on a pro-rated basis. For more information please contact Cindy Baker at 863-292-3749.


Elementary/Middle/Fancelli Scholarships (Previously Awarded)

Change of address?

  • If the address is incorrect on the letter your child received, or if you are planning to move, please email us with your change of address. Thanks!

What happens next?

  • We hope that your child will continue to work hard and do well in school.
  • The Polk State College Foundation will contact you during your senior year of high school with additional information:
  • Please email us with your child’s updated (or most current) address on or before January 31 of their senior year.
  • Activation instructions will be mailed to the address we have on file in February of your child’s senior year.
  • Additional information regarding Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Scholarship Information Page.