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Nourishing Students’ Potential at Polk

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As the Mosaic Company makes the world thrive by helping it grow the food it needs, it’s allowing educational dreams to flourish at Polk State College’s Advanced Technology Center at Clear Springs.

Picture the magnificent intricacy of a Mosaic – the brilliant colors and diverse shapes that twist and turn, blending together to form something mesmerizing and spectacular. By itself, each piece is beautiful and filled with promise for something greater. Put together, they create a stunning work of art – filled with a deeper level of meaning and purpose.

At The Mosaic Company, the people understand well how similarly and inextricably linked together humankind is – how the nutrients they provide for the soil sustains people the world over. And they know how strongly all aspects of the local community are connected with one another, providing the fuel to keep individuals and the institutions that support them flourishing.

Through an incredibly generous donation of $75,000.00 to Polk State College Foundation to benefit the College’s new Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center, The Mosaic Company is helping this important new facility to grow and thrive.

Slated to open in 2014, the Center, which will be located off State Road 60 in Bartow, will be the home of the Polk State Corporate College and the College’s high-tech degree programs.  The facility will include state-of-the-art technologies and offer high-demand workforce training programs for industries as varied as supply chain management and information technology. It will serve more than 12,000 people annually, and will enable employees in the workforce to greatly enhance their educational opportunities.

Mosaic’s transformational gift will support high-tech capital needs associated with the opening and ongoing operations of the facility, as well as sustain and elevate programs and scholarships at the new campus.

The facility has been made possible primarily by private philanthropy, as well as funding from the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. The Mosaic Company’s generous donation and meaningful partnership with Polk State is playing a vital role in its becoming a reality.

“We are extremely grateful to The Mosaic Company for helping the College make it possible to build world class apprentice programs, precision maintenance mechanics programs, and instrumentation and automation programs. We work together with Mosaic on a daily basis — they truly see the value in our partnership, which is a testament to how important and strong that partnership is,” said Robert Clancey, Director of Corporate College at Polk State.

“They are incredibly committed to their workforce, and this gift exemplifies their commitment not just to education but to the whole community. The Corporate College is improving the skills of the existing regional workforce so it can be globally competitive, and Mosaic is playing a big part in that mission as well,” said Clancey.

The new campus will also be home to the Mosaic Auditorium, in honor of Mosaic’s extraordinary generosity and the meaningful partnership shared by Mosaic and Polk State.

“Polk State College has a demonstrated history of responding to and meeting the workforce needs of local employers,” said Gary “Bo” Davis, Senior Vice President of Phosphate Operations at The Mosaic Company. “Our apprenticeship programs are a great example of that partnership. We’re proud to support Polk State College during this exciting time of growth and hope that the Mosaic Auditorium will be a true asset to the entire community.”

Polk State College’s Corporate College was established in 2002 and serves approximately 12,000 members of the regional workforce annually. It takes great pride in delivering customized, hands-on employee training developed collaboratively with corporate partners to increase productivity, retain valued employees, and achieve a competitive edge.

In recent years, Polk State’s exponential growth in student enrollment and its broadly expanding academic programs and facilities have placed the College among the top schools for growth, both in Florida and across the nation. The College’s success is a direct result of the support it receives from the community and donors such as Mosaic.

Mosaic’s phosphate operations have multiple locations in Polk County. The company is a world leader in producing and marketing concentrated phosphate and potash — two essential crop nutrients — and animal feed ingredients.

Driven by its mission to help the world grow the food it needs, Mosaic is committed to strengthening global food security and protecting critical water resources. The Mosaic Company and The Mosaic Company Foundation make investments in and partner with best-of-class leaders in the focus areas of food, water and local community investments.

The survival of billions of people around the world literally depends upon The Mosaic Company’s products and services.

Now, through The Mosaic Company’s dedication to Polk State College, it is providing essential nourishment for the Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center, making a significant impact on the lives, the futures, and the potential of countless individuals, and ultimately, our community and world.

“The Mosaic Company’s philanthropy is an investment in Polk State College, its students, and the entire community. Mosaic’s valued partnership and gift will truly take the Corporate College to new heights,” said Tracy Porter, Executive Director of the Polk State College Foundation.

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