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Boyer Building Corporation Makes Tech Possibilities Expand at New Polk Teaching and Learning Innovation Centers

Sunday, January 13, 2013


State-of-the-art high-tech happenings kicked off 2013 at Polk at the ribbon cutting, dedication and grand opening of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centers (TLIC) on the Winter Haven and Lakeland campuses!  The excitement was palpable as the innovative new technology centers were unveiled on both campuses on January 3, and tremendous gratitude for the Boyer Building Corporation, whose generosity has made the TLIC possible, was warmly expressed throughout the celebration.

“Our TLIC’s are a place for faculty to harness and even develop innovative techniques and technology to more effectively engage our students in the learning process, and the value that these innovative centers represents is truly extraordinary,” said Dr. Eileen Holden, President of Polk State College.

“We could not have achieved this synergy between innovation, engagement and value — each of which is critical for the ultimate goal of student success — without the visionary support of Boyer Building Corporation, represented this morning by its founder and President, Gary Boyer,” said Dr. Holden. 

Located at the TLIC Modular on the Winter Haven campus and in LLC 2269 on the Lakeland campus, the Centers are a dynamic, unique environment designed specifically for faculty and staff to participate in technological training, collaborate on instructional projects, and develop multimedia content.  

They include the capacity for instructional collaboration, life-size connection between campuses, training options, video creation with a green screen studio, multimedia audio and video editing, and course development. 

“As we are all well aware, technologies are ever changing in our world, and the TLIC will play an important role in Polk State’s faculty and staff keeping up with the times, and in some cases, even being ahead of the times. I am excited about the value that was created because of Gary’s vision, and I am also inspired by the impact his partnership in the creation of the TLIC’s in Winter Haven and Lakeland will have on student success — our ultimate goal,” said Mark Turner, Chairman of the Polk State College Board of Trustees.

Jerry Miller, Chair of the Polk State College Foundation, also expressed his gratitude to Gary Boyer and the Boyer Building Corporation.  “Gary joined the Foundation Board this year, and his passion, dedication and generosity have quickly become an inspirational example for us all,” said Mr. Miller. 

“It’s wonderfully exciting that instructional staff have access to innovative technology to further enhance the teaching pedagogy and enhance student success,” said Naomi Boyer, Ph.D, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Polk State College.  

Dr. Boyer collaborated with other faculty innovators to develop the space in response to the need for additional support than the limited resources faculty had available at their own desks.   

With a strong history of community giving, and a passionate commitment to the cause of education, Boyer Building Corporation was especially compelled to make the TLIC something special, Gary Boyer said during the celebration. 

“The cause of education really resonates with us – it’s so crucial for success for every individual. We are committed to make this Center the very best it can be. This is an opportunity for Polk State to create the all-inclusive learning center we’re striving for,” said Mr. Boyer.

We are very proud to work with a great organization such as Polk State College on a project that is bigger than ourselves. We’re committed to go the extra mile with this, and we are excited to have the opportunity to help to enhance learning in the classroom,” he added.