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Wise & Witty Women and Many Magnificent Men Luncheon Celebrates Women’s History Month and Supports Polk State College Foundation Scholarships

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Polk State College Foundation presented the Fourth Annual Wise and Witty Women and Many Magnificent Men Fundraising Luncheon in celebration of Women’s History Month on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 in the Magnolia Building next to Hollis Gardens in Lakeland and on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at Polk State College, Winter Haven Campus in the Student Center.

The Polk State College Foundation leadership and team were thrilled to present this much anticipated annual luncheon. Wise & Witty Women and Many Magnificent Men has now experienced a sellout crowd for the past three years, and the Foundation was excited to be warmly received in its expansion of this fun luncheon to Lakeland for the first year. Most importantly, the Foundation takes tremendous pride in its ability to help numerous students attain their dream of a higher education because of funds raised through events such as this and through the generous philanthropy of individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations throughout the year.

The featured guest speaker was Judy Buch, acclaimed ventriloquist. She shared informative and humorous information on leadership and team building, and the nature and importance of laughter and humor in achieving those goals. She conveyed to the audiences how laughter can be a healing factor and is a part of healthful living. Judy wants to open doors to people’s imaginations, and feels that’s how the greatest innovation takes place. She uses Peopleoids – beautifully made, quality artisan work puppets – created by artist Verna Finly, who worked with Jim Henson. “They are second cousins to the Muppets!” said Judy, laughing. “People forget there’s just one person on the platform.”

Guests also enjoyed a performance by talented Polk State College Music Students at the event. The Luncheon concluded with Wise Words from Polk State College’s President, Dr. Eileen Holden.