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January 2011 Check Presentation

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At the heart of every caring family is a group of people who are devoted to one another, who are cognizant of each other’s needs and respond with compassion. Time and time again, the dedicated employees that make up the Polk State College family have done just that. Witnessing on a daily basis the need of students for a hand up to be able to achieve their dream of a college degree, these devoted employees can be counted on to fulfill that need. Not only do they apply their expertise day after day with the utmost devotion, but they consistently open up their hearts and reach thoughtfully into their pockets with generous philanthropy, proving time and time again that charity indeed begins at home. A total of $75,000 in donations from Polk State College employees over the years demonstrates the incredible generosity of this extraordinary family. They have selflessly supported the Polk State College Foundation in all of its initiatives, and on several occasions when they become aware of a need they have made anonymous donations to help students transform their lives.

On January 24, 2011, Polk State College employees presented this significant check presentation to the College’s District Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting on the Winter Haven Campus. Representatives from all of the employee groups presented the contribution, including Jean Pelletier from Career Employees, Dr. Saul Reyes from Professional/Technical Employees, Kaye Betz representing Faculty, and Dr. Sharon Miller from Administration.

“All gifts to the Foundation are important and special, but this check presentation is the epitome of meaningful. Polk State College Employees exude their dedication to its students and world class vision daily. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors I express my heartfelt gratitude to you – Jean, Saul, Kaye, and Sharon, as well as every single employee of Polk State College who is elevating our community through the power of higher education,” said Tracy Porter, Executive Director of the Polk State College Foundation. Porter also gratefully acknowledged the efforts of Marianne George, the Foundation’s Director of Development who directs the employee giving program, and whose professional efforts helped the Foundation exceed this year’s $23,000 goal. Pictured left to right:  Dr. Sharon Miller, Dr. Neriah Roberts, Jean Pelletier, Rick Garcia, Kaye Betz, Dr. Saul Reyes, Dr. Eileen Holden, Greg Littleton, Teresa Martinez, Ernie Pinner.