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September 2013 Check Presentation

Friday, November 15, 2013

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Picture the magnificent intricacy of a Mosaic – the brilliant colors and diverse shapes that twist and turn, blending together to form something mesmerizing and spectacular. By itself, each piece is beautiful and filled with promise for something greater. Put together, they create a stunning work of art – filled with a deeper level of meaning and purpose.

And like that wonderful collaboration, The Mosaic Company and Polk State College have woven together a beautiful partnership of mutual support to create the perfect pattern for workforce advancement, bound together by their shared passion for uplifting lives through the power of education.

A world leader in producing and marketing concentrated phosphate and potash — two essential crop nutrients — and animal feed ingredients, The Mosaic Company helps the world grow the food it needs. Now, through an incredibly generous donation of $75,000.00 to Polk State College Foundation to benefit the College’s upcoming Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center, The Mosaic Company is providing essential nourishment for this important new facility to grow and thrive.

On September 23, 2013 at a check presentation ceremony at the Polk State College Board of Trustees meeting, the College was thrilled to honor The Mosaic Company for its extraordinarily generous philanthropy — a true investment in Polk State College, its students, and the entire community.

Callie Neslund, Public Affairs Manager for Polk at The Mosaic Company, was at the ceremony to receive the honor. She expressed how the company, which has multiple locations for its phosphate operations in Polk County, fulfills its mission through its partnership with Polk State College.

“A large component of our mission is growing roots in our local communities, and so we strive to be a good corporate citizen, be a good neighbor in areas where our operations exist. This partnership is an extension of that, and an illustration of that,” said Neslund.

The Center, which will be located off State Road 60 in Bartow, will be the home of the Polk State Corporate College and the College’s high-tech degree programs.  It will include state-of-the-art technologies and offer high-demand workforce training programs for industries as varied as supply chain management and information technology. It will serve more than 12,000 people annually.

Mosaic’s transformational gift will support high-tech capital needs associated with the opening and ongoing operations of the facility, as well as sustain and elevate programs and scholarships at the new campus.

The facility has been made possible primarily by private philanthropy, as well as funding from the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. The Mosaic Company’s generous donation and meaningful partnership with Polk State is playing a vital role in its becoming a reality.

Robert Clancey, Director of Corporate College at Polk State, has expressed the meaningful impact Mosaic has had on the growth of the College.

“We are extremely grateful to The Mosaic Company for helping the College make it possible to build world class apprentice programs, precision maintenance mechanics programs, and instrumentation and automation programs. We work together with Mosaic on a daily basis — they truly see the value in our partnership, which is a testament to how important and strong that partnership is,” said Clancey.

“They are incredibly committed to their workforce, and this gift exemplifies their commitment not just to education but to the whole community. The Corporate College is improving the skills of the existing regional workforce so it can be globally competitive, and Mosaic is playing a big part in that mission as well,” he added.

The closeness and gratitude felt between the two organizations is very mutual, as Neslund expressed at the check ceremony.

“Polk State College has a long track record of responding to and meeting the local workforce needs of our companies here, and Mosaic is no exception to that, be it our electrical and instrumentation programs, our apprentice training, our safety training — we are very grateful for all that you do to keep us well-staffed,” said Neslund.

“As our employees are retiring, Polk State is a critical partner in helping us with training and apprenticeship programs for the next generation. Workers are able to complete the necessary certifications and trainings on the fast track, tailored exactly towards Mosaic’s requirements,” Neslund explained.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to partner in and support this new growth phase with the Corporate College and hopefully elevate the quality of life for everyone. And we hope to inspire other area businesses who feel the effects of Polk State, to support the College as well,” she added.

Anu Saxena, Vice Chair of the Polk State College Board of Directors, whose father was one of the first employees of Mosaic’s predecessor IMC Agrico, presented Neslund with the honor on behalf of the Polk State College Foundation’s Board of Trustees and the College. He expressed the College’s appreciation for Mosaic’s extraordinary generosity, deep commitment and priceless partnership with the College.

“On Mosaic’s calling card is the following statement: We’re responsible corporate citizens. We keep our promises from mine to market. In my view, this means that Mosaic is an organization that cherishes and values its connections with its customers and its clients, and that their stated goal can withstand the test of time,” said Saxena.

“Callie, to you, to your fellow colleagues throughout our county and the Central Florida region, and to your firm’s leadership, let me say that we cherish and value our connection with the Mosaic Company and look forward to further developing our region’s workforce together. On behalf of my fellow Foundation Board members of the District Board of Trustees here today, please accept our sincere thanks,” said Saxena.

Pictured left to right: Teresa Martinez, Linda Pilkington, Dan Dorrell, Dr. Eileen Holden, Callie Neslund, Mark Turner, Anu Saxena and Greg Littleton.