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October 2012 Check Presentation

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Home. It’s a word that evokes warm feelings of comfort, peace and security. We gather there encircled by the love of our family and spend irreplaceable, precious moments with them. We savor the serenity and restorative powers of solitude. We rest and regroup, replenishing ourselves for facing the challenges of each new day.

Having this beloved sanctuary is a basic human birthright. And knowing that we can provide not simply a roof over our family’s heads, but a comfortable, safe, and beautiful place to nurture our loved ones – and that these surroundings are comfortably within our reach – is one of the most gratifying feelings on this earth.

Similarly, the knowledge that a quality education is within our grasp – one which allows us to blossom, achieve our dreams and goals, and be well-prepared to face the challenges and adventures of life full-throttle – also brings happiness and meaning to our lives. It makes an enormous difference in how our life’s destiny unfolds.

This concept is well understood by the people at Oakley Rhinehart Cassidy, LLC, a Winter Haven-based rental ownership and management, real estate investment, homeowner’s association management, and land development company. Their driving goal is to provide their tenants throughout Polk County and Central Florida with a high quality, beautiful and affordable rental home. And another passion for this philanthropic-minded company is to provide high-quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities for individuals.

Part of that mission for ORC is to help Polk State students succeed – to the tune of $21,000 in gifts to the Polk State College Foundation. Their generous contributions benefiting scholarships and programs at the College enable innumerable students to attain their dreams of a higher education – and feel the profound relief and joy of knowing that their dreams will not be deterred because of a lack of funds.

“It’s really an amazing, wonderful journey, truly an honor to be involved with the College. It’s an incredible opportunity for students – some who never thought they could go to college, can now have their dreams come true,” said Lauren Schwenk, co-owner of Oakley Rhinehart Cassidy.

Lauren also serves as board member for the Polk State College Foundation, helping make its signature event, Wine for Wisdom, an enormous success.

She said that she and the entire Oakley Rhinehart Cassidy team are constantly inspired by the success stories of Polk State alumni. She noted that Polk State makes this possible with its low cost of $110 per credit hour.

In a check presentation ceremony on October 29, 2012 at the District Board of Trustees meeting, the Polk State College Foundation gratefully honored ORC for its generous donation and dedication to Polk State College. Lauren Schwenk was on hand to accept the honor.

Polk State College Foundation Vice Chair Carl E. Locke, Jr. expressed warm thanks to Lauren and her fellow owners and managers at ORC, including Michelle Bannon, Al S. Cassidy, Adam Rhinehart, Andrew Rhinehart, and Nick Rhinehart, on behalf of the Polk State College Foundation Board, the College’s District Board and the students who will ultimately benefit from their generous gifts.

“We are thankful for the important role their company plays in the growth and strengthening of our entire community, their philanthropy that enriches and elevates Polk County as a whole, and their generosity that will help to transform lives through the power of a higher education,” said Locke.

Pictured left to right: Ernie Pinner, Dan Dorrell, Lauren Schwenk, Dr. Eileen Holden, Mark Turner, and Greg Littleton.