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October 2011 Check Presentation

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shining with a diamond’s brilliance, there are some precious gems of humanity who touch people’s lives with beauty and joy. And like a diamond’s many glimmering surfaces, these special individuals have many facets that work together to create a whole. They have an uncommon passion for lessening people’s burdens and providing them the path to richer and more fulfilling futures. They have creative and innovative minds that formulate solutions to those challenges. And they have the drive and capacity to work hard to bring these dreams to fruition. It is this multidimensional nature that enables them to move mountains in people’s lives.

Lauren and Zane Schwenk epitomize this kind of multifaceted leadership that engenders positive change. As young, dynamic leaders, they have earned deep respect from our community. At Polk State, where Lauren serves on the College’s Foundation Board, this is especially true.

Having an acute appreciation for the importance of an accessible, affordable, quality education in Polk County, it was Lauren and Zane’s passionate dream to give back to the community, and truly make a difference by sharing the rewards of their present day success and that of the future. Their appreciation motivated them to establish the Lauren and Zane Schwenk Endowed Scholarship at Polk State College, which makes a transformational impact on the lives of Polk State College students through a commitment of $10,000 for scholarships.

As a board member of the Polk State College Foundation Board, Lauren embodies, with her overflowing enthusiasm, the qualities that make transformational change happen for Polk students.

“Sitting with Lauren at board meetings is incredibly refreshing to witness her passion that she puts into action,” said Anu Saxena, Development Chair of the Polk State College Foundation Board of Directors.

Lauren has played a tremendously important leadership role working side-by-side with Tracy Porter, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of the Foundation, her Team and the Host Committee to help make the Foundation’s signature event, Wine for Wisdom, the amazing success it is.  Lauren’s attention to detail and securing of sponsorships has been vital to the Polk State College Foundation hosting an event that quickly became highly anticipated and enjoyed by sellout crowds beginning with its overwhelmingly successful inaugural year in 2010. Wine for Wisdom also introduced new donors to the Foundation who have grown to have a fond appreciation of the College’s important work.

In a check presentation ceremony on October 24, 2011 at the District Board of Trustees meeting on the Winter Haven campus, the Polk State College Foundation gratefully honored Lauren and Zane for their generous philanthropy and service.

“Lauren and Zane, on behalf of the College’s District Board of Trustees, the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and the students who will ultimately benefit from your generous gift, I extend to you my heartfelt gratitude,” said Mr. Saxena.

Pictured left to right: Carl Locke, Linda Pilkington, Zane Schwenk, Lauren Schwenk, Dr. Eileen Holden, Mark Turner, Teresa Martinez, Greg Littleton, Ernie Pinner, Rick Garcia and Dan Dorrell.