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May 2011 Check Presentation

Monday, May 23, 2011

There are few emotions more deeply gratifying than knowing your work has been truly appreciated by those who have benefitted from it. And the most profound way a person expresses that appreciation is by passing on to others that love and goodwill.

Mark and Cori Williams epitomize that generous spirit of giving back. A former student of Polk State College, Mark was enormously grateful to receive the RD Saterbo Scholarship from the Polk State College Foundation which enabled him to fulfill his dreams of furthering his education. He and his wife Cori have expressed their gratitude by committing $10,000 towards an endowed “Pay It Forward” scholarship that they established to benefit Polk State College Students in perpetuity.

Today Mark is the Vice President of Investments Advisory and Brokerage services and has over eight years of experience in the financial services industry. He attributes his success in part to his attendance at Polk State College, and is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to other students in need.

In a check presentation ceremony on May 23, 2011 at the District Board of Trustees meeting on the Winter Haven campus, the Polk State College Foundation gratefully honored the Williams’s for this generous gift. Mark and Cori Williams received heartfelt thanks from Linda Pilkington, Chair of the Polk State College Foundation Board of Directors, on behalf of the Foundation.

“When a contribution is from a former student who recognizes and values the difference the College and Foundation made in their lives, it’s truly inspirational and motivational to continue to do what we all do every day to help the College and its students. Mark and Cori, thank you so much for your endowed ‘Pay It Forward’ scholarship that will forever transform lives at Polk State College,” said Ms. Pilkington. Pictured left to right: Cindy Hartley Ross, Linda Pilkington, Cori Williams, Mark Williams, Dr. Eileen Holden, Rick Garcia, Teresa Martinez and Greg Littleton.