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June 2012 Check Presentation

Monday, June 25, 2012

A pure and clean environment not only fills us with a sense of comfort and peace, but also provides surroundings in which we can relax and blossom in body, mind and soul.  One Polk County family knows well the vital human connection to a clean environment and is looking out for all of us in many ways.

The Kincart and Jonsson families at A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.(A-C-T) believes passionately in the connection between their family and the larger family of the surrounding community and world. An environmental, sciences, engineering and field services firm, A-C-T is deeply committed to its mission of keeping our environment clean by ensuring business and government compliance with environmental regulations.  The firm’s founding family and employees are equally passionate about community involvement and support of non-profits as ways to help individuals and communities flourish. Polk State College is deeply grateful that the Kincart/Jonsson family has committed themselves wholeheartedly to helping both the college and its students soar and are contributing their time, talent and resources in a variety of ways.

Here’s a look at some of the family’s involvement.  Last year the Polk State College Foundation Board was thrilled to welcome Rob Kincart as one of its members. Rob enthusiastically jumped in with both feet, becoming immersed in learning more about the College’s important and growing offerings and how the Foundation enhances student success.  Immediately afterwards, A-C-T became a sponsor of the Foundation’s Wine for Wisdom event.  Not long thereafter, the entire family made a decision to establish the Kincart/Jonsson Family Endowed Scholarship to benefit Polk State students. This generous scholarship can be used for tuition, books and fees.

One program that particularly moved the Kincart & Jonsson families was the first generation scholarship program, so that was a top consideration when establishing scholarship criteria.    “A community filled with educated and informed people is a great place to live.  We know a lot of students who are the first in their family to attend college, and while they are highly motivated, they don’t always have the resources or time to attend college because they have to work. Without some assistance, they might not otherwise have the opportunity to continue their education. Polk State and scholarships like this one help fill that gap,” said Kincart.

The families also thought it was important to help a Polk County High School student earning a grade point average of 3.0 or higher and pursuing a degree in science or engineering.  “I’m a scientist, my dad was an engineer and one of my sons is also an engineer.  My daughter is educated in the health sciences field and another son is an attorney.  Our entire family feels strongly about education – especially in the sciences.  Recognizing that our country is falling behind in science, math and engineering, we also see the need to invigorate and challenge ourselves in those fields, recapturing our place in the world,” said Kincart.

Shortly after their generous scholarship commitment, Kincart’s daughter, Jennifer Kincart Jonsson agreed to serve on the Foundation’s Wise & Witty Women and Many Magnificent Men Committee and A-C-T, once again, stepped up and financially supported the event as well.   The family’s heartfelt devotion to serving the college is consistently apparent.

“We’re amazed at the energy at Polk State. It’s an incredible place with so much enthusiasm. I have the greatest respect for President Holden and the work she’s done and it’s truly been a pleasure serving on the Foundation’s Board of Directors – learning from everyone involved and contributing to the accomplishment of mutual goals,” expressed Kincart.

To formalize the family’s gift, on June 25, 2012 at the District Board of Trustees meeting (Polk State College – Lakeland campus), the Kincart/Jonsson family and A-C-T were recognized at a check presentation event.  Their $20,000 gift funds both a generous scholarship and various additional sponsorships.  The Polk State College Foundation gratefully accepted the gift and honored the Kincart/Jonsson family for their dedication to the college and its mission.

Five Kincart/Jonsson family members – Rob, Laurel, Jeff and Michael Kincart and Jennifer Kincart Jonsson- were there to present the check and accept the honor of recognition. Family members Eric Jonsson and Julie Kincart were unable to attend.  Foundation Development Chair Anu Saxena expressed heartfelt thanks on behalf of Rob’s fellow members of the Polk State College Foundation Board, the District Board, and the students who will ultimately benefit from their generosity.

“Rob, Laurel, Jennifer, Jeff, and Michael – we recognize your vast involvement and support of important nonprofits all throughout our great community.  We respect that your concern for your fellow man has been passed through the generations. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that you recognize the positive impact that Polk State makes on the County and are most grateful for your leadership and generosity,” said Mr. Saxena.

Pictured left to right: Anu Saxena, Dan Dorrell, Michael Kincart, Jeff Kincart, Jennifer Kincart Jonsson, Mark Turner, Dr. Eileen Holden, Laurel Kincart, Greg Littleton, Rob Kincart, Teresa Martinez, Ernie Pinner and Linda Pilkington.