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CNP · Clark/Nikdel/Powell Recognized at the August District Board of Trustees Meeting

Friday, August 26, 2016

Winter Haven, Fla. Aug. 22, 2016. Photo by Tom Hagerty.

On Monday, August 22, CNP ·– Clark/Nikdel/Powell was recognized at Polk State College District Board of Trustees Meeting for their long time support of Polk State College students. CNP is a well-respected local marketing agency which specializes in designing brand, marketing and media strategies; as well as essential creative elements; and a strong online presence. These services have been key to the success of the Foundation and we are especially appreciative to CNP for giving the Foundation an elegant, professional creative look to our fundraising appeals and events, as well as our website.  In addition to making organizations and companies look good, CNP is also in the business of doing good for the community.  The Polk State College Foundation is fortunate to be one of the select nonprofits that CNP supports.  Their passion for the College and Foundation missions have inspired $50,000 in gifts over the years – both in cash and in-kind contributions to support scholarships and programs.

Thank you CNP for all that you do for the College and Foundation.