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August 2010 Check Presentation

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

To the innumerable nursing students of Polk State College who are impacted by its generosity, The Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center proves once again how aptly named it is. From the establishment of several scholarship programs at Polk State to the ongoing warm and caring interactions of its Medical Staff with students, Heart of Florida is a lifeblood of Polk State College’s Nursing Department and, by extension, of our community.  Working directly with students has allowed HOF’s Medical Staff to observe firsthand the enormous difference scholarships make in the lives of Polk State students, and inspired them to establish the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center – Medical Staff scholarship at the Polk State College Foundation last year. By addressing the county’s critical nursing shortage, their vital contributions will ultimately and profoundly affect and save lives. 

In a check presentation ceremony at the College’s District Board of Trustees meeting on August 23, 2010 on the Winter Haven Campus, the HOF Medical Staff was recognized for its generous donation of $20,000 to the Polk State College Foundation and for the priceless hands-on support given to Polk State College’s nursing students by the Medical Staff. On hand to accept the honor were two members of the Medical Staff’s Executive Committee: Dr. Manuel Jain, President/Chief of Staff and Dr. Wael Jamaleddine, Secretary/Treasurer, as well as their colleague and the Polk State College Foundation Board’s Vice Chair, Linda Pilkington.  “Nurses are an extension of our work. They are truly the eyes and ears of our hospital. I can’t think of anything better than nurturing minds and helping students to fulfill their potential,” said Dr. Jain.  Pictured left to right: Dr. Neriah Roberts, Jerry Miller, Linda Pilkington, Dr. Wael Jamaleddine, Dr. Eileen Holden, Dr. Manuel Jain, Rick Garcia, Greg Littleton, Teresa Martinez, Ernie Pinner.