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August 2015 Check Presentation

Sunday, November 1, 2015

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When the stars are perfectly aligned to create a magical connection between two entities, wonderful results unfold. The collaborative power of the two, united for a meaningful cause, can truly make sparks fly and mountains move. This perfectly characterizes the beautiful synergy that exists between AT&T and Polk State College.

Just as powerfully as AT&T connects the world technologically, it creates connections that drive innovation in education through AT&T Aspire. This program has committed $350 million to support initiatives aimed at increasing the nation’s high-school graduation rate, and this mission is rooted in uplifting the communities where AT&T employees live and work. The Polk State College Foundation is thrilled to be a beneficiary of this extraordinary commitment.

Through its generous donation of $25,000 to support the Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College program, AT&T Aspire has helped to give high school students an opportunity to earn college credits at Polk State while completing their high school education. Through this gift, Gateway to College students will be able to buy the textbooks essential to earning college credits.

It’s a pairing that truly fits like a glove, according to Matt Mucci, Regional Director of AT&T.

“Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College fits in with our goal of increasing the nation’s graduation rate. When communities connect with proven strategies to help students achieve, graduation rates rise,” he said.

Mucci also noted that his involvement with Polk State has led him to hear many inspiring stories of students with challenging childhoods and how the work of the Polk State College Foundation has changed the course of their lives and enabled them to live up to their potential and become leaders in their communities and professions.

This generous gift was just the latest example of a deep and lasting dedication that AT&T has demonstrated to Polk State. Between 2012 and 2014, AT&T gave $28,000 to support student scholarships and the College’s TALON Robotics program.

On August 24, 2015 at a check presentation ceremony at Polk State College’s District Board of Trustees meeting, AT&T was honored for its extraordinarily generous grant and its dedicated commitment to student success at Polk State. Foundation board member Bonnie Parker, introduced Matt Mucci, warmly expressing Polk State’s heartfelt gratitude for his generosity that makes a genuine difference, and for his advocacy of the College.

Mucci, in turn, expressed AT&T’s deep admiration for Polk State, and why the College is such an inspiration.

“There are many reasons why AT&T chooses to support Polk State College and its programs, but at the top of the list is its people,” he said. “Polk State is led by President Eileen Holden, who in less than 10 years has raised the profile of this institution not only locally but regionally and around the state. She has assembled a team of professionals to support the mission of transforming lives by providing access to an affordable education.”

“At AT&T, we take pride in our efforts to support education, and at Polk State College, they take it to the next level,” added Mucci. “I look forward to hearing more from those directly impacted by the AT&T contribution to the Gateway to College program and having the opportunity to continue this partnership.”