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Halloween Thrills Await at First Annual 100 Inning Game

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Imagine a baseball game unlike any other, where superhuman endurance astounds and Halloween fun and surprises abound. Superman may soar at shortstop, a cowboy could conquer at center field and Batman could be brilliant at second base. At the inaugural Halloween-themed 100 Inning Game, the Polk State College Vikings baseball team will provide thrills galore to visitors, while supporting Polk State College Foundation athletic scholarships. Don your favorite costume and join the festivities, which begin on October 29 at 3 p.m. at Polk State College baseball field, located on the Winter Haven campus. Admission is $5, with free entry for kids 12 and under dressed in a costume.

Excitement will be in the air as dizzy bat races, CASH PRIZE pumpkin-carving and pumpkin-eating contests, youth trick-or-treating, and more unfold throughout the festive evening. Special tickets for prizes will also be sold for $10 each, and participants need not be present to win. The fantastic prizes up for grabs include a 50” big screen television, an Apple iPhone, an underwater video camera, MLB sports memorabilia, and more.

The event puts an imaginative twist on a similar event started in 2004 by the Boston Men’s Baseball League in support of the fight for a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Al Corbeil, Polk State College’s head baseball coach since July 1 of this year, says Polk State College’s spooky variation was the brainchild of many creative minds.

“The staff came together to figure out how to raise funds in an exciting and creative way. We bounced ideas off each other and finally decided to tie the 100 Inning Game concept in with the Halloween holiday. And so this event was born,” said Corbeil.

Corbeil, who made a name for himself at Florida Southern College, where he was the top assistant baseball coach for the past two years and helped lead FSC to a 41-16 season that included second place finishes in the Sunshine State Conference and the NCAA South Region, played at Florida Southern College as an outfielder and catcher in 2001 and had an outstanding season. He’s thrilled to be at Polk State College and kick off this exciting night that will benefit Polk State College students, providing for them such needed items as housing and meal plans.

“I love it here. Everyone is incredibly supportive, and I’m excited about the direction the college is taking. Expanding into a four-year college is a great move!” he said. “I really enjoy watching the players develop, and working together with them is a pleasure. And kicking off a terrific new event like this one makes it even more fun,” he said.

For further information on the 100 Inning Game, contact the Polk State College Baseball office @ 863-297-1008.