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May 2014 Check Presentation

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Heart of FL - 2014 DBOT Photo

As filled with beauty and meaning as a gold heart locket encasing a precious photo of a loved one, The Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center (HOFRMC) shines with dedication to providing not only topnotch medical care, but the most personal and caring experience possible for its patients. And it does so with its overwhelming support and nurturing of Polk State College nursing students. 

Over the years, Heart of Florida has been a vital lifeblood to our community by its faithful commitment to making sure Polk State College nursing students brimming with potential are able to make their professional dreams come true.

The College is overwhelmed with gratitude that Heart of Florida has contributed not only an enormously generous amount of funds — $32,000 to date – to the Polk State College Foundation to benefit Polk State nursing students, but has worked directly with students in a profoundly beneficial way.

Regularly interacting with Polk State nursing students, as well as their colleague and Polk State’s District Board Chair Linda Pilkington, have led them to become very familiar with the important difference scholarships make in the lives of Polk students, and inspired them to establish the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center – Medical Staff Scholarship at the Polk State College Foundation in 2009. Through these funds and these invaluable hands-on experiences with students, HOFRMC helps to address the county’s critical nursing shortage, and their vital contributions will ultimately and profoundly affect and save lives. 

Dr. Aftab Khan, the Vice Chief of Staff/Vice President of the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center Medical Staff, described the inspiration of the Medical Center staff for its dedication to Polk State.

“All of us on the medical staff at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center know the importance of this community and of education. So this is our mission, knowing how important education is for future generations,” said Dr. Khan.

“We always appreciate what nurses do for us. I mean, without good nurses, a physician cannot even operate in the hospital. And getting good, well-trained nurses is not an easy thing to obtain. Polk State College does a tremendous job with that, and so if we provide them with scholarships and hands-on support, and then later on they join our nurses’ staff at Heart of Florida, it’s a big reward for us,” he explained.

On May 19, 2014 at a check presentation ceremony at the College’s District Board of Trustees meeting, the HOFRMC Medical Staff was recognized for its generous financial gift to the Polk State College Foundation and for the priceless hands-on support given to Polk State College’s nursing students by the Medical Staff. Recognized at the ceremony was Dr. Khan as well as his colleague and Polk State College District Board of Trustees Chair Linda Pilkington. 

Board member of the Polk State College Foundation Kevin Ashley expressed the gratitude of Polk State College for all that the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center’s Medical Staff has done for Polk and its students.

“The College, Foundation and the students that benefit from these scholarships are extremely grateful for the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center’s Medical Staff’s generosity.  These vital contributions address the nursing shortage in our community and will ultimately change and will save lives. Please accept the College & Foundation’s heartfelt gratitude for the generous support of your medical center/Heart of Florida Medical Center’s Medical Staff!” said Ashley.

“Thank you so much to Polk State for what you do for Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. We’ll continue to be here to support this community and Polk State College,” said Dr. Khan.

Pictured left to right:  Kevin Ashley, Mark G. Turner, Dr. Aftab Khan, Dr. Eileen Holden, Greg Littleton, Linda Pilkington and Teresa Martinez.