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March 2014 Check Presentation

Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Forging new bonds with likeminded human beings is one of life’s greatest joys. The wonderful newness and excitement of discovery mingles beautifully with an older, more traditional feeling – the comfort of connecting with those with whom you truly feel at home.

And there are certain bonds that, after a few years have passed, you know will stand the test of time. Their enthusiasm for your well being, their loyalty and devotion, are the bricks and mortar of a relationship that can truly grow and thrive.

The big-hearted people at the A.D. Morgan Corporation epitomize this with the treasured partnership they have forged with Polk State College. This outstanding 25-year-old firm of dedicated Construction Managers and General Contractors is passionate about creating not only amazing and diverse building projects, but the building blocks of a strong community.

With them, the Polk State College Foundation has been thrilled to find such a treasured alliance with a shared goal: to transform lives in our community through the power of a higher education.  

Within a few short years, the A.D. Morgan Corporation has touched the lives of so many students at Polk State through its generous donations of approximately $10,000 to the Polk State College Foundation for events, scholarships and programs. 

The company has also physically transformed the Polk State College campus through its wonderful construction projects that provide beauty and functionality so that students can thrive within its walls.

Rebecca Smith of A.D. Morgan described the company’s inspiration for their devotion and generosity to Polk State.

“Giving to the Polk State College Foundation is a shining example of helping those who are most effective in enabling students to achieve their dreams,” said Smith.

“It’s the greatest joy – when you can pass on financial support, encouragement, and the wisdom of your experiences. It’s just those moments when you empower people to pursue their personal best,” she added.

On March 17, 2014 at a check presentation ceremony at the College’s District Board of Trustees meeting, the A.D. Morgan Corporation was honored for its exceptional generosity and dedication to Polk State College and its students.

Rebecca Smith and Dave Wade of the A.D. Morgan Corporation were on hand to accept the honor.

“We feel extremely honored to be involved in what’s going on at Polk State College and be a part of its growth,” said Smith.

Melinda Harrison, Development Chair of the Polk State College Foundation Board of Directors, expressed the gratitude of Polk State College for all that A.D. Morgan Corporation has done for Polk and its students.

“Their enthusiasm and passion for helping to make Polk State all it can be is contagious,” said Harrison.  

“Rebecca and Dave, on behalf of the Foundation Board, District Board, and the students who ultimately benefit from your generosity, please accept our utmost gratitude for your donations to the Polk State College Foundation that help the dream of a college degree become a reality for so many students!”

Pictured left to right: Rebecca Smith, Dave Wade, Mark Turner, Dr. Eileen Holden, Rick Garcia, Linda Pilkington, Greg Littleton and Dan Dorrell.