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June 2015 Check Presentation

Thursday, July 23, 2015

June 22, 2015. Photo by Tom Hagerty,Among the most powerful, passionate ways we create an infinite human connection is by recognizing those who have impacted our lives in a profound way, then passing that blessing on to other human beings. It is the ultimate expression of gratitude that links the past, present and future with unbreakable bonds of strength and love.

On the wings of this beautiful generosity, Polk State College and our entire community soars each time an alumnus opens up their heart and gives to Polk students, making educational dreams come true and forming the building blocks of the future.

The generous people at SEMCO Construction, Inc. epitomize this passionate philanthropic spirit. Led by Polk State College alumni who deeply appreciate the foundation of success the College brought to their lives, SEMCO is strongly dedicated to forging the pathway to a bright future for countless Polk State students.

SEMCO’s powerful impact on Polk State College has been continuously evident through its enormously generous support of all Foundation initiatives. Most recently, SEMCO has donated a total of $11,500, adding to its previous giving amount of $14,000, to benefit Polk State scholarships and programs.

On June 22, 2015 at a check presentation ceremony at the Polk State College Board of Trustees meeting, SEMCO was honored for its generous contributions and passionate dedication to Polk State College students.

Gail Smith, member of the Polk State College Foundation Board of Directors, introduced Carl Locke, Jr., SEMCO President and Immediate Past Chair of the Foundation Board. Joining him at the presentation was incoming Board Member and SEMCO Vice President Jennifer Hall.

Smith warmly thanked the two, who are both Alumni of Polk State, not only for their generous funds, but their passionate hands-on dedication to Polk. Locke has served the Board since 2009 with great devotion, joining committees and sharing his expertise. Hall has served with dedication on several committees for Foundation events, including the Joggin’ for the Noggin committee and the Wise & Witty Women and Many Magnificent Men host committee.

Locke explained how much Polk State College has meant to him over the years, and how the College made his success possible.

“If it wasn’t for Polk State College, I probably never would have finished college,” said Locke, who continued on to earn his Master’s degree at the University of Florida. “Polk State was absolutely the right environment for me, tailor made for my needs, as a student who was working in the construction business at the same time I was going to school. It gave me the opportunity I needed, as it does for so many others.”

“At SEMCO, we don’t have enough good things to say about Polk State College. There are great folks there and they make it easy for us to give,” he said.

“Being on the Foundation board and involved on the scholarship committee, you have an opportunity to read the personal stories of students. Time after time, I read that they are the first generation in their family to go to college and how much it means to them,” said Locke.

“What students go through to make the time and effort to go to college, it’s so heartwarming and fulfilling!” he added. “It’s a strong indication we’re doing the right thing, giving to Polk State College.”

Pictured left to right: Gail Smith, Jennifer Hall, Rick Garcia, Carl Locke, Jr., Mark G. Turner, Dr. Eileen Holden, Dan Dorrell, Cindy Hartley Ross, Greg Littleton and Linda Pilkington.