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January 2015 Check Presentation

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DBOT Photo January 2015 Madrid Engineering

When our dreams and aspirations lie dormant within the heart yearning to be set free, we usually discover that the key to that freedom is having a solid foundation. Without it, the promise of our shining future can collapse and disappear into a sinkhole of hopelessness. It takes the caring effort of many people to help bring our dreams into the bright sunlight where they can blossom and become visible to the world.

Larry Madrid, President of Madrid Engineering Group, Inc., knows that a great education brings this solid foundation into people’s lives. Just as Madrid has been dedicated for over 20 years to ensuring a solid and secure foundation for structures, he is passionately devoted to making lives better through that stabilizing factor of educational opportunities.

The geotechnical engineering firm has shown this through its strong partnership with the Polk State College Foundation. Its $10,000 contribution to enhance technologies at Polk’s Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center has been an essential factor in its success over the past year. Madrid’s generosity epitomizes the strong community spirit that has allowed Polk State College to become the first college in the state system to create a facility through 100% philanthropic and local support.

As a dedicated community philanthropist, Larry Madrid felt strongly compelled to give back. When he saw the plans for the Clear Springs Center, he wanted to help the dream become reality.

“I had a strong affinity for state colleges, and wanted to do something tangible to meet the needs of the community,” he said. “There are a higher percentage of adults going back to school at the Center who have a lot of needs – it’s like starting from scratch,” he added.

On January 26, 2015, at a check presentation at the Polk State College Board of Trustees meeting, Madrid and Madrid Engineering Group were honored for being a vital part of the great success story of the Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center.

Melinda Harrison, Treasurer of the Polk State College Foundation Board of Directors, introduced Larry Madrid, expressing heartfelt gratitude to him for his important contributions to the College and student success and for the transformational difference he has made in so many lives.

“I’m happy I can lead Madrid in partnering with Polk State College,” said Larry. “Polk State is all over our county and making a huge difference.”

Pictured left to right: Rick Garcia, Mark G. Turner, Dr. Eileen Holden, Larry Madrid, Teresa Martinez, Dan Dorrell and Greg Littleton.