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April 2016 Check Presentation

Friday, June 3, 2016


Our hearts shining with exciting dreams for our futures, many of us embark on life’s journey with idealism. But to arrive at the eventual realization of these dreams, and the fulfillment and peace that this brings, we need a solid path to lead us to our destinies.

This gem of wisdom is embraced wholeheartedly by the people at Ingram Financial Group. They apply it diligently not only in their life’s work, but with tremendous generosity toward Polk State College and its students.

This local firm specializing in wealth management, retirement, tax, insurance, and estate planning services is dedicated to bringing the future plans of its clients to fruition. And for many years, it has also been helping to bring the hopes and dreams of Polk State College students magnificently to life.

Ingram Financial Group’s constant, heartwarming devotion to the power of higher education has its roots in the leadership and generosity of Founder and President Don Ingram.

As a Polk State Alumnus with an enduring and passionate connection to the College, Don Ingram received the honor of Distinguished Alumnus of Polk in 1997. He has tirelessly devoted himself to the College by his previous service on the Foundation Board, and by his ongoing commitment through his annual participation in the Golf Tournament and other Polk State events.

Ingram expressed that his close connection to the College helped ignite his desire to help students.

“One of the best things I ever did was serve on the Scholarship Committee of the Polk State College Foundation,” he said. “It truly opened my eyes to what a life-changing difference a scholarship could make in a person’s life, for many years to come.”

Enriching our community and helping it grow and thrive is deeply gratifying to Ingram.

“I’ve seen jobs in our community that students have been trained to fill by Polk State.  I’ve enjoyed knowing that we can educate our young citizens and keep them employed in our community.  That’s good for everyone,” he said.

The ultimate embodiment of Don, his family and colleagues’ passion and commitment to the College is apparent in their deeply generous collective giving total of $20,000 for scholarships and program support at Polk.

On April 25, 2016, at a check presentation ceremony at Polk State College’s District Board of Trustees meeting, Ingram Financial Group was warmly recognized for its support of Polk. Don Ingram, along with his wife Christine and son Eric, who are also his colleagues and who also passionately supports the College, were all in attendance.

Foundation board member, Brent Parrish, expressed the heartfelt gratitude of Polk State College, the Polk State Foundation, and the students for whom Ingram Financial Group’s generosity makes a transformational difference.

Ingram, in turn, expressed how the College inspires them to keep giving.

“Polk State College does so much to enrich our community.  It’s our small way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the support and opportunities Polk State provides for our community’s citizens,” said Ingram.

Pictured left to right: Brent Parrish, Rick Garcia, Eric Ingram, Mark G. Turner, Don Ingram, Dr. Eileen Holden, Dan Dorrell, Christine Ingram and Greg Littleton.