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Endowed Teaching Chairs and Awards

Endowed Teaching Chairs

In addition to investing in a student’s ability to achieve his/her dream of a college education, generous donors have also contributed to enhancing the classroom experience. One vital effort in this area is the Endowed Faculty Chair program. Polk State College is proud to have the ability to award eight Endowed Faculty Chairs to reward teaching excellence. Winners are granted $5,000, which has been used for various learning-environment improvements such as the purchase of state-of-the-art technology and equipment and attendance at educational conferences, seminars, and trips that strengthen the professor’s teaching ability. Since its inception in 1996, these awards have been granted to deserving and talented professors 48 times, representing $240,000 in funding. Endowed Chairs were established through donations by single individuals and businesses, as well as several companies and people who joined forces to make a major impact in creating the Endowed Faculty Chair program. The eight chairs include:

  • Attorney
  • Banking
  • George Jenkins
  • Lakeland Regional Medical Center & Winter Haven Hospital
  • Mid-Florida Credit Union
  • Peterson & Myers
  • Thelma Raley
  • Theatre Seat


Edward J. Costello Scholar-Athlete Award