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Elementary & Middle School Scholarships

Elementary & Middle School Scholarships

In 1989, former Alumni Association President, Robert “Smitty” Smith who passed away in 2007, had the tremendous vision to create a scholarship for one deserving fifth grader in every elementary school in Polk County to be awarded annually.  Every year, Polk County elementary schools award these scholarships to outstanding students who show great potential and promise for his or her future.

  • Alta Vista Elementary
  • Durrence Family at Philip O’Brien Elementary
  • Durrence Family Rising Star at Crystal Lake Middle School
  • Walter G. Ebert “Wally’s Kids” at Wahneta Elementary
  • Walter G. Ebert “Wally’s Kids” at Inwood Elementary
  • Fancelli Family Future Leaders
  • “George’s Kids” (Brownyard) at Garden Grove Elementary
  • Jack’s Kids at Garner Elementary
  • Larry R. Jackson Memorial at Rochelle School of the Arts
  • Kids from Eloise at Snively Elementary
  • Maryly’s Kids at Jewett School of the Arts
  • Sarah D. McKay at Cleveland Court Elementary
  • Robert McLeod “Bob’s Kids” at Elbert Elementary
  • Thomas Moore at Sleepy Hill Elementary
  • Richard Roe Elementary
  • Walter M. Williamson at Lake Shipp Elementary